Discover The Benefits Health Of Palm Oil

Palm Oil Benefits

Palm Oil Benefits

Palm oil, a part of the vegetable oil family, is really the nutrition-packed beneficial fat source that may supply number of health benefits towards the body. Palm oil is really a rich source of saturated essential fatty acids and natural chemical compounds but it’s good for the overall health and nutrition. Palm oil is really a natural source of vitamin E & carotenoids along with fatty acids and other essential fat-soluble micronutrients.

  • Palm oil is completely trans fat free, which makes it a wonderful ingredient for all those on weight loss marathons.
  • The presence of tocotrienols works well for removing carotid artery blockage and platelet aggregation, which cuts down on the occurrence of stroke, atherosclerosis, and tumors.
  • Since palm oil doesn’t have cholesterol, it has the potential to lower the amount of bad cholesterol and let the presence of HDL in the blood.
  • Palm oil is odorless and tasteless so it’s perfect option for people who don’t such as the smell and taste of the very most marketed oils.
  • Red palm oil enhances the effectiveness of several breast cancer drugs as much as 45% as well as inhibits the growth of cancer of the breast cells.
  • Other problems that can be prevented through red palm oil include macular degeneration, arthritis, cataract, osteoporosis, liver disease, and asthma.
  • Full of vitamin A and vitamin E, red palm oil is the best remedy for those who suffer from hair problems.

Healthy Foods To Every Woman Must Eat

Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods

Eating a diet that is full of nutritious food provides the proper quantity of vitamins and minerals for optimal degree of health. For women , the face is one thing that is very important but many women don’t realize how to properly treat the face area . Women need some nutrients greater than men like folic acid, iron, and calcium etc. listing here are three such foods that needs to be consumed by women that may benefit their health.


Spinach is full of magnesium, minerals and contains large amount of vitamins which are necessary for the healthy body.Magnesium plays an essential role in reducing the PMS symptoms for example weight gain, swelling in different parts of body, bloating and breast cancer.


The majority of the women around the world suffer from lack of calcium.Milk is full of calcium, as everybody knows.All women should include milk in her diet at any stage of her lifetime.Milk reduces the symptoms of dreaded PMS, so when taken with Vitamin D , it prevents the issue of osteoporosis in woman.


A pigment called lycopene can be found in tomatoes. Lycopene prevents breast cancer in females.It also reduces the risk of getting various heart diseases in females.

Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods

Flax seeds

Omega-3 fatty acids are always recommended inside a woman healthy diet and flaxseed are very good source of omega-3 essential fatty acids. Flax seed are said to have anti-inflammatory characteristics which cuts down on the risk of developing arthritis and digestive condition in a woman.It also prevents from breast cancer.

Green Tea

Green tea has anti-oxidant properties which prevents headache and depression in females.It increases the metabolic rate,fight infections,cuts down on the blood sugar level and controls cholesterol.An excessive amount of green tea should be prevented because it causes insomnia.

Health Benefits of Eating Cereals

Benefits of Cereals

Benefits of Cereals

Cereals used for human consumption belong to the grass family and are seeds of matured plants, in which nature has stored the elements for germination and growth of germs like starch, fat, protein, organic mineral salts and vitamins.

Cereals have provided unlimited health benefits of Cereals to mankind as a staple food in our diet.

Health Benefits Of Cereals :

  • Diabetes and Glycemic index are closely linked. Whole cereal food which are slowly digested, low glycemic index and high in soluble fiber helps prevent non insulin dependant diabetes.
  • Cereals are naturally low in fat and with high fibers are less energy dense. Hence consumption of cereals, mainly sprouted cereals help in weight loss.
  • The fiber content in cereals decreases the speed of glucose secretion from food, thereby maintaining sugar levels in the blood.
  • Your food will be more nutritious if you add the pulses to the cereals. Pulses have good quantity of lysine but low at methionine, to the next side cereals are rich in methionine.
  • The whole cereals like bran and per carp contains cellulose, pectin and hemicellulose which are the major blockers of the constipation problem.
  • Cereals are probably the greatest source of energy for humans. Providing almost 30% of total calories in a regular diet.

Popular Myths of Breast Cancer

A cancer is an abnormal development of tissue that is formed because of an abnormal pattern from the cells. The production of new cells is inhibited, whereas that old cells do not die. This Popular Myths of Breast Cancerformation of tissues, or tumor with the presence of cancer cells results in the tumor malignancy, often known as cancer.

There are Following Myths of Breast Cancer

About breast lumps!
In fact, most of breast lumps in females (almost 80 percent) are usually brought on by cyts, benign changes (non-cancerous), and other conditions! Therefore don’t take conclusion directly if you discover breast lumps, ask your physician for more detailed information. However, we all agree that catching cancer of the breast as earlier as possible is so important and better for the treatment. Therefore, for better result, obtain a routine mammogram screening to keep monitor well your body, particularly if you are over 40 (do this screening -test once a year if necessary).

Can breast implants raise the risk of breast cancer?
Breast enlargements can result several risks for the body, especially if the implant isn’t properly injected. Therefore, it’s so important to understand all risks completely before choosing to choose breast implants. But there is also still no scientific link between breast implants and breast cancer. However, it is much better to avoid breast implants. Furthermore, for women with breast implants, the standard mammograms aren’t too effective to monitor the breast growth. Therefore, X-rays is required sometimes to optimally examine breast growth on these women.

The risk is only for women who have a family history of breast cancer?
In fact, there are no identifiable risks from about 70 percent of women diagnosed with this disease. But your risk may be double if you have sibling, child or parent (‘first-degree relative’) with cancer of the breast. Therefore, this means that the risk should not only be directed for a woman with a family history of this disease — although her risk particularly if she has a first-degree relative with this particular disease may be relatively higher. In the other words, most of women identified as having this disease are not hereditary, which only about 5% of them who get a gene predisposing them to breast cancer.

Does the size of the breast influence your risk?
You might familiar with the popular opinion that says ‘the smaller size of the breast may have less chance or lower risk of breast cancer’. In fact, there is also no correlation between this problem and the risk of developing cancer of the breast. But one thing that you should clearly understand is small breasts may be easier to examine than large breasts. And like discussed earlier, catching breast cancer as earlier as you possibly can will be helpful to make easier for that treatment. Don’t forget also to browse the previous related article about some foods to lower the risk of breast cancer!

The risk could be higher if you wear an underwire bra!
Can underwire bras cause cancer of the breast? As well we know that underwire bras are often designed with a thin wire along the sides & bottom of the cups. And therefore there are some women who may feel uncomfortable pressure occasionally within the breasts due to a metal underwire! But it is not true if you say that underwire bra can cause breast cancer, because there are still no scientific studies that can find the link between this ailment breast cancer and underwire bra! The thing is if you feel uncomfortable when using an underwire bra, then it is much better to avoid using it — but don’t judge directly that it can cause breast cancer, because once again there is no scientific evidence for that correlation of them.

Simple Yoga for Breast Cancer Patients & Survivors

There is no doubt that facing down a cancer diagnosis can be one of life’s greatest challenges. Increasingly, breast cancer patients and survivors are Simple Yoga for Breast Cancer Patients & Survivorsturning to yoga as a way to manage stress and the side effects of cancer and its many invasive treatments.

Chemotherapy and radiation can cause unpleasant side effects that ravage both body and mind. Symptoms range from digestive troubles to insomnia to a confused “chemo brain.” Fortunately, yoga’s vast array of physical postures, breathing techniques and focused meditations can help to soften the edges of harsh treatments, encourage healing from within, and provide respite from the grind of visiting doctors, hospitals and treatment centers.

Post treatment, the development of scar tissue may cause limited mobility for many women. Simple yoga stretches can help one regain strength, flexibility and stamina. Additionally, adapting to life post cancer can present emotional challenges, including anxiety and depression. Yoga and meditation have been shown to slow down the sympathetic nervous system, which helps to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Try these simple yoga postures and breathing techniques at home:

To open the chest:
Cat/Cow: Start on all fours, with the wrists directly underneath the shoulders, and the knees hip-distance apart. Inhale and release the heart and belly towards the floor. Let the head follow with the spine as you draw your gaze upwards. Exhale and round the back up towards the ceiling, drawing the belly into the spine and the chin towards the chest. Continue 1-3 minutes.

To calm the nerves:
Anti-anxiety breathing: Inhale through the nose. Exhale through a rounded mouth. Inhale through a rounded mouth (as though you are sipping through a straw). Exhale through the nose. Continue this cycle for 3 minutes.

Left nostril breathing: Block off your right nostril with your right thumb. Breathe long and deep through your right nostril. Continue 1-3 minutes.

To recharge:
Healing meditation: Sit in a chair or lay down on the floor. Begin to breathe long and deep. Visualize drawing in a bright white beam of light into the crown of your head. Let this healing light expand throughout the entire body, especially focusing on any part that needs healing. As you exhale, visualize a cleansing blue light releasing from your body, as though it can be released through your pores. Continue 2-5 minutes.

To relieve insomnia:
Vipariti Karani (legs-up-the-wall pose): Lie on your side next to the wall with your knees towards your chest, as though you are in the fetal position. Bring your buttocks close to the wall and walk your legs up the wall. Rest on your back with your legs up against the wall. Release your hands by your sides, with the palms up. Rest for 3-5 minutes.