Healthy Salad Recipes For Your Good Health

Healthy Salad Recipes

Healthy Salad Recipes

This is an all-in-one healthy salad which combines various veggies and spices for example tomatoes, lettuce, carrot, cucumber, peanuts, sprouts, as well as other others. You can mix other ingredients you discover in your fridge to make it a complete meal which can be had like a side or a healthy snack at night.

Try these healthy salad recipes to widen your salad repertoire. Healthy salad recipes are extremely tasty, they’ll have you wanting more.

Cucumber, Radish and Melon Salad

An excellent combination of fruit, vegetables and crunchy almonds combined with a honey and walnut oil dressing, this salad recipe bakes an ideal accompaniment to cold or smoked meats and poultry.

Bulgur Wheat and Shrimp Salad

A coarsely ground wheat grain, bulgur was already parboiled, so it’s quick to prepare and bakes an ideal pantry standby to make use of in salads, as well as in hot dishes. This nutty-textured, colorful salad is filled with goodness, and is very appealing to the eye.

Fruity Pasta Salad

Pineapple and pear give this healthy salad recipe a sweet accent, while balsamic vinegar adds a wonderful piquancy. With lean ham, cheese, fruit and veggies all adding their own nutrients to balance the pasta, it makes sense a marvellous dish.

New Potato Salad

A potato salad having a creamy dressing is always a success, and the version here, with cucumber, green onions and fresh herbs, will certainly become a firm favorite. Potatoes are filled with goodness, particularly if the skins remain on.

Garlicky Tomato Salad

When tomatoes are in their peak of sweetness, this healthy recipe is especially delicious. It’s eye-catching, too, if you make the salad having a mixture of different-colored tomatoes-new varieties are developing the market all the time.


Eating Healthy Salad for Weight Loss

Healthy Salad

Healthy Salad

Eating salads is a great way to curb your appetite and add nutrients to your diet. But salad staples may up your fat and calorie intake more than you realize. Salads are preferred by most of the dieters as it is calorie free and is filled with nutrients.

Healthy Salad:

If you don’t have time to cut vegetables and make a salad then just have some fresh fruits and nuts. These foods help lose weight easily and forms the salad diet. You can even add low fat cheese or cream to make the breakfast tasty. Another way can be by having vegetable sandwich.

Boiled vegetables salad or freshly cut raw vegetables are healthy and filling. You can have the salad for lunch and add some spices such as black pepper or jalapenos. Use vegetables such as carrots, asparagus, broccoli, cucumber, tomatoes, cabbage leaves to name a few. Add one boiled egg, nuts, low fat cream and fruits such as strawberries, lime, berries or watermelon in the lunch to lose weight effectively.

Evening Snack:
Under salad diet, you can have some fresh fruits and nuts and team up with low fat milk or yogurt. The ideal evening snack under salad diet for easy weight loss should have citrus fruits with chopped almonds and yogurt dip. You can also have fruit juice or vegetable soup.

Have boiled vegetable salad for dinner to lose weight. Boiled or steamed salads are healthy, nutritious and easy to digest. Have some milk or soup with salad for dinner. You can have salads with brown rice and boiled egg. Always have your dinner 3-4 hours before going to bed.