Homemade Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

Homemade Christmas Craft

Homemade Christmas Craft

When you come across yourself running away from time this Christmas season and therefore are in want of some quick and uncomplicated Christmas craft tips then there is no better time to start looking than at this time. On Christmas children enjoy and love making the crafts for Christmas for kids. There are many easy crafts for Christmas and here you can get ideas of Christmas arts crafts.

Greeting Cards

You can easily make these in class with some construction paper and common craft supplies. Before class, cut out enough card for each student. Then have students draw, paint or use felt to make a Christmas scene on the card. Students can then decorate the cards with glitter, cotton wool for snow, shiny stickers, etc.

Christmas Tree

In many parts of the world there are pine cones all over the place at this time of year and they can be used for making great mini-Christmas Trees. All you need is pine cones, glitter, cotton balls, small beads threaded onto some cotton or dental floss and a star for the top.

Paper Plate Snowman

Just glue 2 white paper plates together to form the body and then use felt or colored paper to decorate. You can use pipe cleaners for the arms.


These are easy to make and look great and you can get the materials from most art & craft stores. You need some felt which you wrap around rolls made from card (finger size). The heads are made from wooden balls which can be found in art & craft stores and then pipe cleaners and buttons for decoration.

Christmas Wreaths

This one is so easy to do and nice and messy! You need red and green paint in separate trays. Have each student put a red and green print of their hands onto card. When the paint has dried, cut out the hand prints and either glue together in a circle shape or glue onto a ring made from card.


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