Natural Beauty Tips For Glowing Your Skin

Natural Beauty Tips

Natural Beauty Tips

Getting glowing skin and looking radiant does not necessarily mean you have to purchase expensive beauty products all the time. You will get equally satisfying, or perhaps better still results with items in your kitchen area cupboard or refrigerator. Focus on your specific skin type and follow these home remedies for glowing skin regularly. Very quickly, you will flaunt the skin you usually craved.

Maintaining your beauty needs daily care. Additionally, it depends upon the physical and mental health of the person. Glowing skin free from all sorts of blemishes is everyone’s dream. But not all dreams come true effortlessly. Skin is a very vital area of the body and plays a very important role in protecting the different parts of the body.

  • Make a paste of soaked fenugreek seeds and put it on on the face at night. Wait until it dries and wash off with cool water. It will absorb excess oil in the skin and will give your face a natural glow. You can prepare the paste once and may store it in fridge for any week.
  • Take one tablespoon cucumber juice and raw milk and give a few drops of lemon juice. Apply this on face and provide a gentle upward massage and rinse with water.
  • Apply cucumber juice and wait until it is dry. Wash them back with water. This will remove excess oil from your face and will keep you glowing.
  • Beat an egg white and massage to the face in upward strokes. Once dry, wash off thoroughly with cold water. Tone skin with rose water and lemon juice mixture to get rid of any lingering smell.
  • Soak a number of poppy seeds overnight. Grind with only a little bit of milk to make a thick paste. Apply on the face and wash off when dry.

Natural Beauty Tips For Dry Skin On Face

Natural Beauty Tips

Natural Beauty Tips

Dry skin requires particular attention and care as it is prone to a variety of problems. Regular moisturizing and use of other protective lotions and coverings is necessary on a regular basis. This is done to prevent the common conditions that this skin type is susceptible to.

One should need to be very considerate towards his/her skin problems as you may know that the most common ones of all the skin issues are oil and dry skin problems. Therefore, it is very important to let you know about the home remedies for such skin tones because often over the counter remedies are not very effective in dealing with the issue at hand as compared to the home remedies.

Papaya And Avocado Mask

To deal with oily skin make a paste if you take one slice of papaya, banana and avocado then apply it on your face for 15 minutes for effective results. Papaya is extremely effective in getting rid of dry skin naturally. It doesn’t only help in reducing dry skin but also in healing scars.

Aloe Vera

You can also apply aloe vera gel on your face for 30 minutes to fight dryness. It is simple yet extremely effective and easy to do treatment. All that you should do is, extract aloe vera gel from a slice of aloe vera and then use it.

Oil Massage

You may also give yourself oil massage with almond and honey oil right before taking bath. This will help you to keep your skin moist and smooth. Should you could take hot oil massage instead; then it would be better.

Fresh Cream Pack

You may also make another face pack by mixing one teaspoon fresh cream into quarter tea spoon of turmeric and few drops of lemon. When the paste is prepared, you can now put it on on your face for 15 minutes. Afterwards give yourself a massage for 5 minutes before rinsing it with water. Keep repeating this tip for some time until or unless good results start showing.

Egg Yolk Face Pack

Take one egg together with one teaspoon of milk powder and honey to organize a paste out of it then apply it on your skin for 20 minutes then wash off the face. It is another very beneficial treatment to fight dry skin.

Natural Ways for Beautiful Lips

Lips are the most strikingly beautiful element of your face after eyes. It is absolutely necessary to take care of your lips to maintain its beauty. It is a fact that some medicines or cosmetics can minimize or cover the imperfections, but natural remedies can perform wonders.Natural Ways for Beautiful Lips

Pink or red lips are sign of healthy and beautiful and attractive lips. Today women enhance the beauty of their lips with the use of different cosmetics like lipstick, lip-gloss and lip balms. Too much use of cosmetic products should be avoided as they contain several harmful chemicals, though there are several herbal based lipsticks available. However it is suggested that not too much cosmetic or lipstick should not be applied and if applied it must be completely removed and the lips must be cleansed and nourished. In my previous posts I have mentioned that to look beautiful you must maintain a healthy life and diet. Have lots of water, fresh green vegetables and fruits.

Here are some natural remedies can be followed to keep those lips beautiful and healthy.

Dry lips.
Saliva makes your lips even drier so avoid licking lips instead apply generous amount of Vaseline and crushed sugar or a mixture of almond oil and honey regularly, especially before going to bed. This makes the lips very soft and prevents them from drying and flaking. Treat your lips with a herbal lip balm before applying any lipstick.

Dark lips.

There maybe 3 causes for darkening of lips:

  • Smoking should be avoided and to get back the natural color of your lips, apply glycerin and lemon juice regularly to get results.
  • Uses of certain brands of lipstick. Change the brand of lipstick you use immediately after you notice any discoloration of lips. Or completely avoid using any lipstick for some time. Apply toothpaste on your lips and leave it on for ten minutes before you wash off. That can help lighten the tone to a certain extent.
  • Biological problems. You should have proper intake of water and vegetables and if you still find your lips are getting darker it may be due to some internal problems. Consult your physician and get yourself treated.

Pale lips

  • Ginger juice mixed with egg yolk are a good remedy to treat pale lips. Apply it for ten minutes and wash off.
  • To keep your lips supple and red use tomato slices. Rub gently for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Make a paste of two tea spoon of coco butter and half tea spoon of heated wax, after the mixture cools down apply on the lips very softly and leave it for the entire night. If this is followed regularly you can have healthy pink lips.
  • Apply a mixture of white butter and saffron. It can do wonders in regaining the color of your lips.
  • Crush some rose petals and add a tint of ghee to it, this can make your lips pink and glowing. You will love the lingering aroma also.
  • If you find your lips are drying, keep a lip balm or gel. It will be handy. Apply it at regular intervals to avoid chapped lips.
  • Even if you already have luscious pink lips you should always take out time to exfoliate and moisturize them. Nothing can be better than night massage! On a regular basis massage your lips with almond oil and honey or a mixture of olive oil and Vaseline. This makes your lips stay healthy all the while adding a dash of pink to it.

Natural Beauty Tips For Face and Neck

There are many natural beauty tips for face and neck, where many can have great results some are no more than just old wives tales. The cosmetics industry are billions of dollars a year industry often packing up natural beauty treatments, branding these and charging unbelievable prices.

Natural Face MasksNatural Beauty Tips For Face and Neck
These are more than just some trick for a woman to get her “beauty rest”. It is a very important and essential part of skin care and is advised it should be done at least once a week. Where it is not essential to go mad putting a mask on every night a weekly session will defiantly see vast improvements in energizing and keeping your skin moisturized as well as warding off any skin disorders. This would be one of the most important natural beauty tips for face and neck for everlasting results.

A facial mask is applied thickly and can come in the form of a cream or gel. The cream when applied to the face can resemble clay like substance and is not always suited for every type of skin. The gel can be much more suited to sensitive skin as the clay type substance can irritate some skin types. Again knowing what best suits you are one of the first natural beauty tips for face and neck, which can help and improve your looks for a long time to come.

The reason a facial mask is the best natural beauty tips for face and neck because it deep cleans the pores as well as using moisturizing ingredients to keep the skin smooth and remove any dead skin cells resulting in clearer healthier skin possibly tightening up to remove fine lines and wrinkles. Healthier skin cells exposed to sunlight helps to give that younger healthier glow.

More natural beauty tips for face and neck is the use of facial masks in such a way to achieve soothing and relaxing motions not unlike a facial message. This is certainly a benefit of using a spa or a qualified beauty therapist. If you are doing this yourself make sure you firstly wash your face in warm water to open the pore before applying your chosen mask.

Applying the mask
After you have washed your face apply your mask in small circular motions and let the mask sit for a minimum of 20 minutes, the longer the better. This can be particularly calming in a candle lit room with soft music, then rinse in cold water to close the pores and make you feel stimulated.

Make a Natural Facial Mask
One of the best natural beauty tips for face and neck is to make your own facial mask. From ordinary home products like bananas, honey or avocados. Fruits, yogurts or milk are also very popular to soften the skin.

You wont regret using these natural beauty tips for face and neck, as the results will show for themselves.