Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Go To Drake Concert Together

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been extremely public with their relationship lately, going to Bible study together, attending Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios — or just cozying up whenever and wherever they can.

And they’ve had enough pictures to document it, both those they posted on social media and others from the paparazzi.

That’s why it came as such a surprise that the on-off couple didn’t Instagram a picture of themselves together at a Drake and Lil Wayne concert, which they both attended on Monday night at the Hollywood Bowl.

Instead, the “Who Says” singer posted a video of the concert from the crowd and appeared to be there with her girlfriends.

Justin Bieber, on the other hand, posted an Instagram from his viewpoint on the side of the stage.

Were they — or weren’t they — there together? Or did Jelena just split up at the concert so Justin could say hello to his pal, Drake?


PlayStation TV launches in North America Next Month

PlayStation TV

PlayStation TV

Sony has confirmed the release day line-up for PlayStation TV, which launches on October 14 in North America and November 14 in Europe.

The micro console – detailed on today’s PlayStation blog – enables you to stream your PS4 games to another HD TV in your home, as well as selected PS Vita, PSP and PS one classics, too.

And when Sony’s streaming game service, PlayStation Now, comes to PS TV, users will be able to stream PlayStation 3 titles to the device. PS Now just recently entered open beta on PS3, but Sony has not announced when support is coming for PS TV.

In addition, Sony writes on the PlayStation Blog that the PS TV lineup will “continue to expand” with other popular titles, including Minecraft.

When PS TV launches in North America on October 14, you can buy a standalone system for $99, or a special bundle that includes a wireless DualShock 3 controller, an 8 GB memory card, and a copy of The Lego Movie Video Game for $140.

Sony also has announced that a limited-time PS TV bundle will be available at Walmart. It includes a system, DualShock 3 controller, 8 GB memory card, and a copy of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. This bundle will also sell for $140.

Jessica Simpson Joined By Her Daughter At Runway Show

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson received support from her family during a fashion show over the weekend. The singer-turned-fashion designer was joined by her husband Eric Johnson (II) and their two adorable children, 2-year-old daughter Maxwell and 14-month-old son Ace, as she launched her clothing line for Nordstrom at The Grove in Los Angeles on Saturday, September 20.

Simpson even took her little girl onstage as she took a bow at the end of the show. Wearing an all-black outfit, the star completed her look with Jessica Simpson Carlin Booties and a black wide-brimmed hat. Maxwell, who looks adorable in a pink-and-black striped dress, apparently did not enjoy the attention as she did not smile when in her mother’s arms.

In a new talk with Access Hollywood, Simpson talked about her conform business and life after removing married, observant that she felt “sexier” now. “It indeed has altered my style. I’m really into trip dresses and everything’s a small bit sexier. we feel sexier as a mom and a mom!” she gushed.

Speaking of a success of her Jessica Simpson Collection, a mom of dual shared, “I consider during a core of it is we’re not perplexing to be too trendy, though we stay on trend… it’s about only profitable courtesy to who your patron is.” Simpson also suggested that her mom and sister Ashlee Simpson contributed to a success.

“It’s a large business that somehow came out from my heart and underneath me. And my mom has been a champion by all of it and has helped me stay focused and create,” she said. “The kids collection is a stone star for us. Everybody has gravitated towards it. My sister, Ashlee, has had so most to do with it, and my mom. It’s a family event here.”

Top Tattoo Design Ideas for Women

Tattoo Design Ideas

Tattoo Design Ideas

Finding the right place for tattoo is as important as finding the right tattoo. Not all placements suits the same type of tattoo, so choose it wisely according to design you want to have. Keep in mind, tattoos will hurt no matter what, and it really depends on your individual pain tolerance. Everyone handles it differently, but in general, here are the some best places to get tattoos, girls.

Inner Wrist Tattoo Ideas

Simply and beautiful. Inner Wrist Tattoo placement is on a high top of best places for tattoos for women over last years. And it is fully deserved as it is like a perfect spot for inking! Not very painful, easy to hide, relatively fast to heal and very elegant. Can you have more perfect place for tattoo? Back side is that it will only suits for small tattoo designs. It look great with names or initials of yout loved ones. If you are looking for some more original placement you should rather choose another spot. Our number 3 Tattoo Ideas.

Behind the Ear Tattoos

Much like neck tattoos, behind the ear tattoos are very delicate and soft, and look absolutely amazing on women. These tattoos should be kept very small and subtle like the one shown here. Make it too big and you might look like something is trying to crawl out from under your skin, so make sure to keep it very small.

Ankle Tattoos

Ankle tattoos are undoubtedly one of the most popular tattoo placement ideas. Not only are they in a somewhat hidden location, but they look incredibly hot when paired with your wedges and heels. The bonus about choosing an ankle tattoo placement is that you can go big OR small. There’s absolutely no limit, but one of the most popular ankle tattoo ideas is the tattooed ankle bracelet.

Finger Tattoos

Another tattoo trend that has taken the industry by storm? Finger tattoos. Whether you choose to have them run across your fingers or leave it on the inside of a single finger, you’re sure to look fashionable and flirty. There’re tons of options when it comes to finger tats. Spell out a short word across your fingers or choose another small detail like an arrow, heart, or a diamond.

Back Shoulder Tattoos

Again, if big and bold is your flavor of choice, then we recommend a back shoulder tattoo placement. There’s just no denying it: Back shoulder tattoos look absolutely stunning on women and complement our delicate shoulders beautifully. This location has tons of space, making it the perfect spot for those larger sized masterpieces you’ve been dying to get. We love this simple roses tattoo! Very cute and feminine.

Ed Sheeran Performs “Don’t” on ‘America’s Got Talent’

Ed Sheeran Performance

Ed Sheeran Performance

Ed Sheeran rocked the night at Radio City Music Hall, as one of the solo acts at the America’s Got Talent Season 9 grand finale.

Ed Sheeran made an appearance on the ‘America’s Got Talent’ season finale where he performed his latest hit, ‘Don’t,’ from the album ‘x.’

When Sheeran appeared on ‘America’s Got Talent’ judge Howard Stern’s radio show, the singer-songwriter hinted that the song was about him losing a girlfriend to a member of One Direction.

Stern asked Sheeran if there was any truth to the rumors about the song being about Niall Horan stealing Ellie Goulding from him.

“I mean, the papers say a lot of things,” Sheeran responded. “I’ve kept my mouth shut about a lot of things.”

The shock jock continued pressing Sheeran further, asking specifically if the song was about a member of One Direction.

“Well, it depends which one you’re talking about,” Sheeran slyly responded.

In any case, if there was a positive that came out of the experience, ‘Don’t’ has been a hit for Sheeran and one of fans’ favorites from ‘x.’

Five Reasons Why Ariana Grande Is The Next Mariah Carey

Ariana Grande And Mariah Carey

Ariana Grande And Mariah Carey

Ariana Grande seems to have taken the constant comparisons in stride. When Ariana Grande dropped off her debut single The Way, the Mariah Carey comparisons started almost immediately, with music critics dubbing her a “mini Mariah”. Five reasons because Ariana Grande is a subsequent Mariah Carey.

Musical Style

When Grande dropped off her debut single The Way, the Mariah comparisons started almost immediately, with music critics dubbing her a “mini Mariah”. Grande’s bouncy pop music undoubtedly is a throwback to the R&B era of the 1990s, where pop divas like Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey reigned.

Diva Requests

They both prefer to be photographed from one side of their face. Grande insisted photographers shoot from the left side of her face during her promotional tour Down Under. Similarly, Carey prefers to be photographed from the right, not the left.

That Outspoken Range

Mariah Carey possesses a 5 octave outspoken range, while Grande’s got a 4 octave outspoken range. That explains because Grande can strike those unfit super-high alarm records like Carey does on her songs like Emotions, Dreamlover and One Sweet Day. They also both occur to do that diva finger call when belting out outspoken runs.

Musical Achievements And Songs

They both got their initial strike singular during age 20 – Carey with Vision Of Love in 1990, and Grande with The Way in 2013. Carey also happens to have another chart-topping singular patrician Always Be My Baby, while Grande’s got a new singular out patrician Be My Baby. They also both have a Christmas manuscript of their own.

The Dance Moves

Earlier this year, Grande was once again compared to Carey after fans claimed her opening of Problem during a Radio Disney Music Awards – with choreographed arm fluttering while stepping from side to side – was really identical to a immature Carey behaving her strike strain Honey behind in a 1990s.

Speed Up Internet Connection By Using CMD

Speed Up Internet

Speed Up Internet

Everyone hates slow internet connection.Everyone wishes to have high speed internet connection but can’t afford for that. So, many of the users are forced to run slow internet connection.But now the slow internet connection problem is solved guys. Some tricks to boost up slow internet connection . Yes,you have heard right working tricks to boost up slow internet connections.

CMD To Speed Up Slow Internet Connection

Yes,you can also boost up internet speed connection using cmd trick. This trick is simple and I would like to say this trick won’t increase speed internet connection dramatically but definitely it will boost the existing connection to better performance. So,lets see how to do this.

  • Click on Start and Select all programs
  • Click on accessories and select command prompt
  • Now,run cmd as administrator

Type following lines in command prompt and hit enter

  • netsh int tcp show global
  • netsh int tcp set global chimney=enabled
  • netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal
  • netsch int tcp set global congestionprovider=ctcp

That’s all setting to boost up internet connection using command prompt.