Paris Hilton Bob Hairstyle 2013

It seems that the Paris Hilton bob hairstyle 2013 will continue to stay popular since the reality show star has been showing off her short cut in many occasions. Of course you can always imitate her style if you want to look fresh and chic with elegant manner.

Short Pixie Style
Unlike the pixie style worn by Emma Watson or Anne Hathaway, the pixie style used by Hilton is more to bob style. It is very short, around the nape of her neck, but it isn’t cropped. She still has enough volume with her short style. However, she looks fresh and stylish; not really saggy and old like when she was still wearing her old long hair style. With the short pixie look and side swept bangs, she looks adorable and cute, enhancing her dollish feature. The short hair somehow enhances her facial feature and shows off her great assets. If you want to have such style, you can look formal and elegant at the same, which makes this style perfect for working atmosphere. However, you can still style up your hair in messy, casual style for daily hair-do. Different types of bangs can also change the way you look, so be sure to alternate your bangs if you want to have different look.

Short Bob:
Hilton also comes with different bob styles. She once came with medium length bob around the neck and then she has the chin bob style with layered cut along with piece bangs on the side. If you want practical look with practical implementation as well, this cut can be the ideal hairstyles 2013. It would be better if you can also consider choosing the perfect color that will compliment your look perfectly.
The short bob style from Paris Hilton can be a great example if you want something refreshing and different for the 2013. Consult it with your hairstylist and see what you can pull through.


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