Natural Ways To Get Thick and long Hair

Natural long Hair

Natural long Hair

Beautiful hair is one of the most coveted assets for a lady for enhancing her beauty parameters. These methods to straighten hair naturally won’t only help to achieve desirable straight hair, but additionally protect hair from harsh chemicals too. Just try and follow these easy homely ideas to straighten your hair naturally.

Actually, there are natural ways to get those thick hair. Regardless of whether you tie them or just leave them open, with thick hair every style looks amazing. So, this is a list of few natural ingredients that may help you to get thick, bouncy and glossy hair.

Olive Oil

Warm some essential olive oil and massage this to your scalp and hair. Wrap inside a towel and keep on overnight. Each morning, soak a towel in serious trouble, squeeze out, then wrap hair and head in it for some minutes. Repeat a few times then wash from the oil in your hair. Do that once a week.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is also a good herbal treatment to develop hair fast, long, and healthy. Simply rub a brand new open leaf over your scalp and hair. Leave on to have an hour then rinse off. Do that daily for thick, long, and healthier hair.

Coconut and Lemon

Give a few drops of fresh lemon juice to freshly prepared coconut milk and blend well. Keep the glass of coconut milk and fresh lemon juice into refrigerator for a few hours. A thick foamy layer can look over the glass, which must be applied on the scalp and whole length of the hair right away. Steam hair for 15-20 minutes after this and abide by it up with a wash.


Amla when contained in daily diet can do wonders for your hair. To make a hair potion, just boil one tablespoon of dried amla in 2 tablespoon of coconut oil and strain the mix. Massage your scalp with this particular oil and wash it the following day. You can even boil water with dried or powdered gooseberry and rinse hair with it after leaving it overnight.


Slather this mixture of 1 cup of fuller’s earth, 1egg white and few spoons of rice flour in your hair. Leave on for ½ hour. Comb your healthy hair while daubing this pack in your hair. Your hair will be straighter too, aside from becoming soft and silky naturally.


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