Calcium Rich Foods To Keep Healthy and Fit

Calcium Rich Foods

Calcium Rich Foods

Calcium is very important for strong bones and healthy teeth. Calcium intake matters not just for children. Calcium is important for a healthy heart, bones, blood, and much more. If you’re concerned about getting enough calcium to strengthen your bones and protect yourself against osteoporosis, there are lots of foods you can add to your diet today.


The meals that tops the list of calcium-rich foods is milk, especially cow milk. And that’s because a cup of free of fat or low fat milk can provide you with 30 percent of the daily worth of calcium requirement.


Cheese has low lactose content in contrast to other milk products and so it could be well tolerated by people who suffer with lactose intolerance. It promotes re-mineralization, that’s, deposition of calcium and phosphorus in teeth, as well as increases the strength of tooth enamel.


Calcium is generally present in animal products for example meat, milk and its by products. Kale is among the best vegetable sources of calcium; one hundred gram serving of kale contains approximately 150 mg of calcium. Okra and also the different types of beans also are good causes of calcium. Chick peas, french beans and red kidney beans in addition have a sizable calcium content.

Soy Milk

Soy milk has just as much calcium as skim, 2%, and dairy, but its soy content brings other health benefits to the table, including protection against certain cancers, promoting weight reduction, and lowering cholesterol. Also, soy might help accelerate your body’s absorption of calcium, making soy milk a perfect addition to a high calcium diet.


Aside from calcium, seafood are a good supply of iodine, vitamin K, B-vitamins, and magnesium and iron. Vitamin k and magnesium, both, assist in absorption of calcium while increasing its bioavailability.

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