Effective Home Remedies for Lower Back Relief

Back Pain

Back Pain

Back pain can be categorized as acute pain and chronic pain. Sometimes the pain becomes so severe that the patient feels unable to bear the pain. Then you have the problems in bending down and even in sideways. In that kind of situation you have to keep the following things in mind and live a pain free life.

Natural Remedies for Back Pain :

Cuscus Grass :
Take some cuscus grass and add same amount of sugar in it. Mix them and have it two times in a day with 5 grams of warm milk. This is an effective natural remedy for backache.

Castor Oil :
Massage the paining area with castor oil and the reason is that it is effective for getting relief from both pain and inflammation.

Exercise :
The last thing you may want to do is exercise when you are in the midst of a bout of lower back pain, but exercising may be the best thing you can do to help yourself. Begin with gentle stretching exercises, and do some walking or swimming.

Yoga :
Doing yoga on daily basis is very helpful in treating chronic back pains. You can try yoga postures such as halasana, shavasana, bhujangasana, uttanpadasana and shalabhasana.

Basil Tea :
Basil tea can also be very helpful in treating backache. All you need to do is boil a cup of water with ten basil leaves. Allow it to boil until only half of the original content is left. Now allow it to cool and add one fourth teaspoon of salt in it. Make it a daily routine to drink this tea once in a day.


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