Uses Of Massage Oils and It’s Benefits

Uses Of Massage Oils

Uses Of Massage Oils

Massage oils are the oils that are used to massage the body. The essential oils extracted from natural herbs and plants are considered to be natural massage oils. They are very effective and useful for relaxing the mind, body and soul. Some essential oils are very thick and greasy and so they are not used for massage purposes.

Massage Oils and it’s Benefits:

Peppermint :
Peppermint essential oil acts as an anti-inflammatory; it can help relieve skin problems such as eczema and aids in circulation.

Carrier Oils :
Carrier oils have therapeutic benefits in themselves and are generally made from the oils of seeds, nuts and sometimes vegetables.

Almond Oil :
Almond oil is one of more commonly used in aromatherapy and massage. This oil is particularly soothing to the skin, and helps nourish the skin due to oil imbalance or loss of moisture.

Rosemary :
Rosemary essential oil is recommended for the treatment of muscular conditions, including aches and pains. This oil can be beneficial for skin conditions such as cellulite. When blended with a carrier and used as massage oil, it can aid in the relief of migraines, depression and fatigue.

Jojoba Oil :
Jojoba oil is ideal for the skin, suitable for all skin types. This oil acts as an excellent body moisturizer and penetrates the skin easily.

Lavender :
Lavender essential oil is a relaxant, and is reputed to be beneficial when used on the body as a massage oil. The oil may also stimulate wounds to heal and assist to prevent scarring.

Eucalyptus :
Eucalyptus essential oil acts to help reduce the inflammation of muscle strain, and can act as an antiseptic for the skin. The oil aids in protecting the body from chill in the winter months, and in the summer it can assist in cooling the body down.


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