Natural Herbs Remedies for Hair Loss Solution

Natural Herbs Remedies

Natural Herbs Remedies

Hair loss was once believed to be a condition affecting aging men. There are different causes of hair loss including genetics, lifestyle, diet and hormonal changes in the body. Many drugs and products have been formulated to combat hair loss. Natural herbs for hair loss have been used for centuries and are a safer and better alternative to synthetic products. Some of the common herbs used in treating alopecia include the following.

Hair Loss Herbs:

Henna :
The henna plant is a popular hair loss solution. It grows in many different parts of the world. Henna is rich in proteins and oils. It’s also well known for its natural color. Topically applied, henna helps to restore the scalps pH.

Aloe vera :
The aloe vera plant has been used for centuries for skin and hair care. It contains numerous enzymes which work in different ways to promote hair restoration and growth. First, the enzymes remove any dead skin cells on the scalp.

Chamomile :
Chamomile aids greasy and oily hair, preventing the occurrence of itch and dandruff. Besides, only this natural herb maintains the scalp water balance, keeping one’s scalp from getting too dry. It is able to strengthen and revitalize strands.

Green Tea :
Green tea slows down rapid hair loss. Make sure you drink at least 4-5 cups of it daily, if baldness seems to be your potential problem. Green tea is one of those home remedies that improve the texture of locks.

Rosemary :
Rosemary is a popular herb that is used for culinary purposes as well medical purposes, and has been used throughout the centuries. It is also well known for helping with hair growth, although there is no evidence linked specifically linked to the prevention of hair loss.

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