Ways To Lighten Freckles Naturally

Lighten Freckles Naturally

Lighten Freckles Naturally

Freckles lend a woman’s face youthful, outdoorsy beauty and they are nothing short of fabulous (don’t you forget it). No matter how cute they are, many women believe that an even tone is the hallmark of beautiful skin in fact, that’s what most women desire when they wear even the sheerest foundation. Look at some of the easiest and safest ways to lighten and get rid of freckles completely.

Ways To Lighten Freckles Naturally:

Flax Seed Powder:
You can powder some flax seeds and preserve it in a bottle for regular use. Take some flax seed powder and add some honey and milk to it and apply it to your freckles. Your freckles will disappear in few weeks time.

Cumin Seeds:
Powder cumin seeds and make a paste of the same with water and apply it on your freckles. Ensure that you keep it on till it dries off completely. You can repeat this procedure for several weeks till you observe the results.

Apple Cider Vinegar:
Try applying apple cider vinegar on your freckles everyday. However, ensure that the apple cider vinegar is not at its concentrated best. If it is really concentrated, then you can add few drops of water to dilute it and then apply it accordingly.

Onion Juice:
Onion juice works wonders for keeping freckles at bay. You can extract the juice of an onion and apply it on affected areas. Applying a piece of onion on the freckles also works well for lightening them.

Tea Tree Oil:
Take a few drops of tea tree oil and massage on your face. This will lighten and freckles in few days.


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