Power Foods for Weight Loss and Energy

Power Foods for Weight Loss

Power Foods for Weight Loss

There are many foods that not only provide you with the power to fuel you through the day, but also can help you lose weight. These foods increases your health as well by providing more nutrients than other types of food. In order to use these foods to lose weight, continue to not overeat, exercise daily and incorporate the items listed below into your healthy diet.

Power Foods For Weight Loss:

Apples stimulate the digestive system and cleanse it by eliminating toxins from the small intestine. The pectin in apples, especially in green Granny Smiths, slows the rise in blood sugar, reduces the build up of arterial plaque and promotes proper protein digestion. The alkaline elements of apples increase the flow of saliva for carbohydrate digestion.

Almonds are the perfect alkalising protein. The good fats in almonds reduce cholesterol levels and decrease the risk of heart disease. Other properties in almonds improve memory and concentration, help the nerves to relax, provide calcium and assist with fat metabolism.

Eating one or two eggs a day is a great way to add healthy protein to your diet. If you don’t have time to make eggs before work or school, hard boil 5-10 at the beginning of the week and you can easily just grab them and go in the morning. If you don’t like the taste of eggs, whip one or two into a morning smoothie and you won’t be able to taste them at all.

Grapefruit has a compound called naringenin that can make our insulin more effective. One grapefruit a day, eaten like an orange; not cut in half and scooped out.

Many people wonder how much protein is in vegetables and the answer varies depending on each type. An average half-cup of vegetables contains just 2 grams of protein, however, choosing high protein veggies like spinach, chickpeas or broccoli can increase that amount to up to 6 grams per serving.


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