Beauty Benefits Of Lemon For Beautiful Skin

Beauty Benefits Of Lemon

Benefits Of Lemon

All you need to do is to squeeze out some fresh lemon juice and use it on the affected area to get smooth, supple and flawless skin. Lemons are easily available and this citric fruit is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Phosphorus and Carbohydrates. The fruit acids are good for skin and are very productive in enhancing your beauty.

Beauty Benefits Of Lemons :

Removes Blackness:
Most of our body parts like elbows,neck,under arms get blackened .So rub the lemon slice at those parts for some time ,so that the blackness can be reduced.It acts as a bleaching agent.Regular application of lemon is very helpful for the neat under arms,neck and elbows.

Wrinkle Free Skin:
One lemon has approximately 40-50 mg of Vitamin C, Vitamin C is required for the growth and repair of all body tissues. It is also involved in multiple body functions such as formation of collagen, absorption of iron, the immune system, wound healing, and the maintenance of cartilage and bones. Collagen is the key component to keep our skin firm and wrinkle-free skin, so lemon is the fruit of longevity for us to stay young.

Perfect Complexion:
Drinking a glass of lemon juice in the morning will in the detoxification process in our body, removing the accumulated toxins in the digestive system. Lemon juice can be diluted such that 1 lemon to 1 liter of water. Eventually, it will bring an internal glow to your complexion.

Chemical Free Hair Dye:
Lemon juice is the perfect ‘Bleach’ to lighten hair color. If you wish to lighten the color of your facial hair, mix honey with lemon juice and apply them onto your face like mask. Do this once a week and you will notice your facial hair color fades in no time.

Good Conditioner For Dandruff:
If you are suffering with a severe dandruff ,apply the egg white mixed with lemon juice for half an hour .Repeat this three to four times a month,In this the lemon is used to reduce the over heat and the egg white is a good conditioner.


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