High Protein Diet Foods For Rapid Weight Loss

High Protein Diet

High Protein Diet

Proteins are one of the most important components required for growth and development of the cells and muscles of the body and are rightly termed as Body Builders. Proteins are probably the most important macro nutrient the body requires and, amino acids are the basic blocks that make up proteins which are essentially the building blocks of the body.

High Protein Foods:

Lean Meat, Fish, Poultry:
Incorporating and increasing the amount of lean meats, fish and poultry in your diet will give you a huge boost of healthy protein in addition to offering so many other health benefits. An average piece of chicken breast or salmon fillet can range from 4 ounces to 8 ounces, depending on the size. Also, keep it grilled, baked, or raw (in the case of fish) and avoid the breaded or fried stuff.

Eating two or three eggs a day is a great way to add healthy protein to your diet and keep your calories from sky rocketing out of control. If you don’t have time to make eggs before work or school, hard boil a dozen eggs at the beginning of the week and store them in the fridge. This way, you can easily just grab them and go in the morning.

Enjoying just a few slices of cheese everyday will increase your protein intake significantly. To put things into perspective, 1 ounce of cheese will give you the same amount of protein as 1 ounce of chicken!

Low-Fat Cottage Cheese:
Low-fat cottage cheese ranks number one for the highest amount of protein per serving. But the key is making sure you’re consuming the low-fat version of these products.

Eating a handful of nuts instead of chips or chocolate for your afternoon snack will go a long way in adding a boost of lean protein to your diet. If you don’t like eating nuts by themselves, try adding walnuts or almonds to a salad to mask the taste and get the same health benefits.

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