Lemon Juice Remedies To Lighten Hair

Lemon Juice Remedies

Lemon Juice Remedies

Don’t even think for a second about that hair bleach or paying a visit to the hair color specialist! Using all-natural lemon juice is a great alternative method to getting chemical highlights. This is an easy process that takes a little patience and some sun. Lemon juice lightens your hair by working with the sun or UV rays, so if you want to get sun kissed hair, here’s how you do it!

Home Remedies:

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil:
Add nutrients and shine to your lightened hair by adding olive oil to lemon juice, which helps to fight hair damage.

Lemon Juice and Chamomile Tea:
To enjoy a mild bleaching effect, mix chamomile tea with lemon juice and use as a rinse.

Lemon Juice and Hair Conditioner:
Instead of diluting lemon juice with water, some have chosen to replace water with hair conditioner. Brushing the mixture through unwashed hair, try sitting in the sun for 20 minutes. Wash your hair as usual, and you should find a natural-looking lightness begin to emerge.

To lighten your hair, mix ¼ cup of chopped fresh rhubarb to 2 cups of boiling water. Cool the mixture, strain, and use as a rinse.

Black Tea:
Create a cup of black tea at the normal strength, allowing it to cool before using it as a rinse in your hair. Before pouring the entire cup through your hair, it is suggested to test a strand. If your hair is already a light shade, you could wind up darkening it.

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