Benefits of Lemon Juice For Hair Treatment

Lemon Juice For Hair Treatment

Lemons offer numerous benefits to your hair for health and styling purposes. Go natural by using lemons instead of chemical treatments from the store. You’ll save a bundle, and the recipes for your lemon hair treatments will hardly take any time to make.

Lemon Juice Benefits For Hair:

Hair Lightener:
For lighter natural hair colors, adding an all-over spritz of lemon juice to wet hair before heading out into the sun can slowly lighten your hair. You can also spray on the lemon juice and blow dry your hair to achieve the same results. This natural method works best on hair colors with blond undertones. Brunettes can experience that dreaded pumpkin-inspired orange color when using lemon juice to lighten hair

Hair Growth:
Lemon juice can be used alone or combined with coconut water to stimulate blood flow. Massage a generous amount of the lemon juice or coconut water mixture into your scalp to increase the blood flow to your hair. This will also increase the amount of nourishment your hair receives while activating your hair’s natural oils to increase hair growth.

Lemon juice makes an effective hair rinse, reducing oil and getting rid of harmful chemicals and buildup. It will even help you get chlorine out of your hair, returning your hair to its normal color. Mix 1/2 cup of baking soda with the juice from one lemon, then work it into your hair right away. Baking soda also cleanses residue from hair gently, so this combo is sure to get out the gunk, such as built-up styling product. Rinse your hair afterward. Your hair will look shinier and healthier. If you have dry hair, though, avoid using lemon juice often so that it doesn’t zap all its natural oils.

Dandruff Removal and Prevention:
Lemon juice removes flakes of dandruff and hair product buildup from your scalp while giving the hair a nice, citrus smell. Instead of a harsh, medicinal-smelling dandruff shampoo, massage a generous amount of lemon juice into your scalp to remove any dandruff buildup and protect the scalp from further dryness.

Lemons can help you highlight your hair, giving you a natural, sun-lightened look. Get a jump start on summer with this quick fix. Of course, it works best for hair that’s already on the lighter side. Mix 1/4 cup of lemon juice with 3/4 cup of water, spritz the mixture on dry hair, and leave it on for two hours.


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