How To Burn Calories and Be Slim

Burn Calories and Be Slim

Burn Calories and Be Slim

When you are experiencing weight gain and don’t find it easy to lose weight, that means your metabolism is dooming. Some times you are puzzled to see people who eat a lot, but still maintain normal BMI. Thought of it any time? well, its because of higher metabolic rate. But don’t worry, everything has a solution. You can boost your metabolism by imparting some natural habits in your daily life.

Tips To Get Slim Body:

A Good Work Out:
A proper workout itself helps burn many calories than usual, but generally it takes few hours for your body to attain normal resting metabolic rate after workout. Thus, even post workout sessions help burning more calories than usual.

The very famous proverb eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a common man and dinner like a pauper is proven to be true even in this case. The resting metabolic rate revives only when a diet is taken the next day. So a heavy, healthy breakfast at-least 300-400 calories should be taken for a boosting jump in metabolism at the start of the day.

Build Muscles:
Muscles burn more calories than fat deposited. Each muscle burns at-least 6 calories a day whereas fat deposited uses hardly 2 calories per day.

Drink up:
Water is not just needed for the basic functioning of the body and to prevent dehydration but is also vital in burning the fat. Lack of a sufficient amount of fluids may cause your metabolism to slow down%. Drink at least eight glasses a day and also consume foods rich in water like fruits and vegetables.

Eat right:
What you eat on a daily basis can have a great impact on your body system. Essential Protein to help the body build muscle and improve your metabolic functioning. Choose lean meats or pulses and include them in your meals. Protein also aids by keeping the blood sugar level steady.

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