Teeth Whitening Tips for your Beautiful Smile

Teeth Whitening Tips

Teeth Whitening Tips

Smiling faces are surely beautiful than frowning faces. Your smiles can become conscious and guarded if your teeth are stained. Teeth lose their whiteness due to thinning enamel, bad hygiene, poor brushing, smoking, wrong diet and age.

It is a common procedure particularly in the field of cosmetics dentistry. Tooth whitening restores natural color of teeth and also whitens beyond the natural color. Teeth get darker and turn brownish yellow with age and also by consumption of staining substances such as wine, tea, coffee, colas and smoking.

Teeth whitening products that can be used at home
There are many teeth whitening products available in the market to help you to get a dazzling smile. These products can be used along with home remedies.

Teeth whitening pens
This is in the shape of a pen. It has a built in brush. Open the lid of the pen, squeeze the whitening gel on the teeth and spread it with brush. The bleaching ingredients in the gel help in whitening of teeth.

Teeth whitening gel
This usually comes with a tray. The gel is placed on the tray and is placed on the teeth for half an hour. The tray makes sure that the gel stays in place and does not leak. Also use home remedies for white teeth

Teeth whitening paste
There are many whitening toothpastes available in the market that whitens your teeth when used regularly. They remove the stains from the teeth.
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