Herbal Remedies to Protect Skin from Aging

Herbs and other natural supplements have been in use by people all over the world since ancient times. Encompassing kitchen applications, they are widely known for their healing and reparative properties. Herbal Remedies to Protect Skin from Aging

Here are a few of the most common medicinal herbs for skin application.
Lavender is really a natural moisturizer that promotes skin hydration and locks within the skin’s natural moisture. Additionally, it possesses soothing properties that actually work against inflammation. Safe to be used in dry and sensitive skin, it’s a popular ingredient in massage oils along with other aromatherapy products.

Chamomile has been utilized for a variety of skin conditions since ancient times. It possesses antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties helping reduce wound healing and inflammation.

Like chamomile, calendula is an efficient antiviral and antibacterial agent, able to fighting off infection, irritation and wounds which go as deep as the tissues. It’s used in a variety of herbal skincare products including tinctures, creams and ointments.

An established antiseptic for centuries, goldenrod was used by American indian Americans for treating wounds and combatting infection. Today, aside from serving as an antiseptic, it’s also used to treat a wide range of skin diseases and drank like a tea.

Aloe Vera
This gentle translucent gel works wonders for wounds, burns or irritation of your skin and tissues, thus which makes it a usual staple in all-natural healing ointments in addition to herbal skin care products like soaps, lotions, whitening creams and shampoo. It’s capable of seeping deep into several skin layers, where it repairs and encourages manufacture of new and healthy cells.


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