Health Benefits of Eating Eggs in Diet

When you add some vegetables to your eggs and have it with some whole wheat bread your breakfast is the healthiest meal of the day. Eggs have been a topic of hot controversy, though doctors.

Eating well balanced meals are just as important as working out when it comes to proper weight loss. It really does not matter what time of day you work out. Whether it be super early at 5am or sometime afternoon you should consider eating eggs. Eggs are not only tasty but they assist in weight loss and make you feel full. Most cereal these days are nothing but empty calories and do not seem to fill you up. With eggs being inexpensive and having high quality benefits you should always have some in the fridge.

Health Benefits of Eating Eggs:

Increases Testosterone Levels: Egg yolk contains a concentrated zinc. We all know that zinc is a trace mineral and is not very easily available in food sources. So, eating yolk can help men increase the level of their male hormone.

Prevents Blood Clots: So far you might have only heard that yolk are high in cholesterol and therefore, not heart healthy. However, the proteins that are there in the yellow part of the egg delay the formation of blood clots.

Anti-inflammatory: Yolk has choline which is a highly anti-inflammatory substance. This means that people who have pains or inflammatory diseases like osteoporosis or arthritis, can have yolks to relieve the pain.

Food For The Eyes: The yellow part of the egg is very good for your eyes. Especially when it comes to growing children, yolk helps with the proper functioning of the eyes and even improves eyesight.

Source Of Vitamin B12: Egg yolks are the best known sources of vitamin B12. This vitamin is very essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Eggs Yolks Stop Muscle Degeneration: One of the main health benefits of yolk is that it stops the degeneration of the muscles. The nutrients present in yolk helps the muscles to relax and contract.

Iron Rich Food: Egg yolks are rich in iron so it is great for pregnant women. Women in general have a tendency to have low hemoglobin count. So, having one raw yolk a day could be a good idea for women.


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