Best Home Remedies for Lower Back Pain Relief

Almost everyone experiences a bout of lower back pain sooner or later. In addition to being painful, lower back pain interferes with your mobility and your ability to go about your daily activities. You can Best Home Remedies for Lower Back Pain Relieftake over-the-counter pain relievers or visit a chiropractor, but there are also some steps you can take to obtain natural back-pain relief at home.

Bed Rest
If the pain is too excruciating for you to do anything else, lie on your side in bed with a pillow tucked between your knees. Alternatively, you can lie on your back with pillows under your knees. When it comes to back pain, bed rest can make matters worse and can lead to secondary problems, such as depression and blood clots. Try to get up and about as soon as you can as doing so seems to hasten healing.

As soon as you feel pain in your lower back, apply ice to the area. Use an ice pack, a bag of ice cubes or a package of frozen peas, and apply it to the painful area for up to 20 minutes at a time several times per day. This helps reduce pain and inflammation. Continue this treatment for two or three days.

After using ice on your back for several days, switch to using heat for short periods of time. You can use a heat lamp, heating pad or warm baths for this purpose. The heat helps increase blood flow and relaxes your muscles.

The last thing you may want to do is exercise when you are in the midst of a bout of lower back pain, but exercising may be the best thing you can do to help yourself. Begin with gentle stretching exercises, and do some walking or swimming. Yoga can help as well. As the pain dissipates, it is helpful to get into a routine of doing exercises that strengthen your back and abdominal muscles and improve your posture.


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