How To keep Hair care During Monsoon

Monsoon brings with it a host of hair woes. Itchy scalp, thinning of hair as well as your hair going limp are associated with the onset of monsoon. Problems occur because humidity results in excessive How To keep Hair care During Monsoonperspiration and the scalp gets oily. Oil and sweat secretions often stick to hair and scalp. It also attracts grime and pollutants in mid-air. To handle all this, one needs to shampoo hair more often, especially if hair is oily.Wash hair as frequently as required but choose your shampoo wisely. Choose a mild cleansing shampoo for normal use and pair up with a suitable conditioner for the hair type. Apart from hair fall, itchy scalp is one thing that troubles many people in this season but this could be a manifestation of unhealthy hair. Itchy scalp is really a symptom of unhealthy hair; so cleansing and nourishing of locks are important. Besides that, using hair mask and becoming hair spa treatment is additionally a good idea in this season.

Shield Hair Colour
‘There’s no such thing as lightening hair in the sun in a way that’s good for it. Ultra violet rays pull the warmth from colour-treated hair, abandoning locks that are faded and brassy. Even untreated hair can change dull under the sun’s oxidising rays.

If you’re outdoors between 10 am and three pm, apply a hair care product which contains UV filters, that can come in spray, gel or cream formulas, every day. The best way to protect your hair is as simple as donning a wide-brimmed hat and sitting within beach umbrella.

Saturate Hair Before you take a dip
Drench your hair with water that is clean before you dive into the pool log on. ‘Your hair is like a sponge. If you coat it with clear water, it’ll soak that in rather than absorbing damaging chlorine or salt.’

Pay The Heat Tools
With all the heat exposure you’re getting in the sun, you want to keep your utilization of hot styling tools low. Blow-drying and flat ironing hair usually does not hold up well within the heat and humidity, so it’s better to make use of a styling cream or mousse and allow your hair dry naturally. For your sexy beachy look, apply a curl-enhancing spray or cream throughout hair, allow to air-dry (or speed up the procedure with a blow-dryer set to medium along with a diffuser) to keep your hair soft and glossy


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