How To Get Rid of Obesity in Children

‘Obesity’, is becoming an alarming problem in children. It is growing rapidly and more and more children are getting engulfed by it everyday. Extra pounds can induce several serious ailments in children such as, diabetes, heart How To Get Rid of Obesity in Childrendisease, asthma, high blood pressure, joint aches, liver issues, gall bladder problems etc. Overweight children are bullied frequently and are also isolated from group activities. These factors might lead to low self-esteem, depression, irritation, trauma, public phobia etc. It can also lead to the occurrence of various eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia. Eating disorders can prove to be extremely disastrous and fatal, if left untreated and unattended. Obese children are also inclined towards substance abuse, smoking, drinking etc., because they develop negative body images which takes an emotional toll on them.

Healthy Eating
One of the biggest reasons to get yourself healthy is so you can lead by example. Parents are the ones who buy the food, cook the meals, and decide where the meals will be eaten. You also have to be strong enough to say “NO” to your child when it comes to bringing unhealthy food into the house.

Obesity leads to a rise in blood pressure, sleep disorders, development of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, skin infections, asthma and cancer. However, obesity has a negative impact not only on the physical body but also affects the mental health of the child. Obesity complicates communication and social adaptation of the child, lowers self-esteem and lead to depression.

In order to establish the relationship between obesity and cancer, American scientists have long-term study about the problem of obesity in children. After processing data the researchers found an obvious connection between childhood obesity and the development of colorectal cancer in later life.

To approach and maintain a proper body weight is important. That is why the recommendations focus on small but permanent changes in diet that may work better than a series of short-term changes but can not be sustained.

  • Reducing calories is the easiest change. The limitation in diet, forbiddance to eat favorite foods always lead to failure. Children are not like adults who have to lose weight quickly, but need a diet in moderation and sufficient nutrients, not to keep from any food.
  • Obesity needs to be disseminated widely. Increasing the physical activities is popular in researches on successful weight loss, therefore, it is necessary to create the environment in which remain physical activities to get effect on weight loss.
  • The participation of parents in changing behavior of overweight children is important. Parents are the people, who give the healthy diet and positive physical activities effect on the health to their children.

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