A Useful Laser Skin Treatment for Your Skin

Your skin is the largest organ in the human body. It not only protects you from harm, but it keeps your body in great condition as you go through day-to-day activities.

However, like most things over time, preserving the youthful look

A Useful Laser Skin Treatment for Your Skin

of your skin can become a difficult task. There are a number of factors that determine the health of your skin, including hydration, genetics, hormonal changes, stress and cosmetics. Even with all the diet an
d exercise you can fit in your schedule, there are still some factors that work against us, such as aging. Thankfully, there are a plethora of skin care treatments available at Hoboken Medical Aesthetics specifically designed to help protect the youthful and vibrant nature of your skin.

On top of removing minor spots and wrinkles on sensitive facial skin, laser Skin Treatments overstep its cosmetic boundaries, and effectively clean up skin damage caused by a variety of circumstances. The most common conditions for which laser treatments can be prescribed are the following:

Acne Scars
Acne is troubling enough when you have it, but even when it disappears, there’s always that tendency your skin never regains its supple glow due to scarring. This may have been due to the acne’s normal resolution, or the way you handled the acne while you had it; despite the abundance of acne vulgaris treatments in Sun Valley NV, poorly treated acne vulgaris is often a major factor in facial scarring. Either way, once the scars have embedded themselves in your skin, it’s frustratingly difficult to get rid of them.

On the up side, laser technology has proven effective in removing these scars. Laser skin care works by first removing the damaged pigment layer of the skin, and allowing the middle epidermis layer below to take over. The effect is considerably firmer and smoother skin.

Back Hair Removal
This is a treatment commonly sought out by men, though women may also have a problem with back hair removal. Excessive hair growth is often dealt with in conventional ways, from shaving to waxing. Still, back hair is highly inaccessible, and having to submit yourself to a waxing session every couple of weeks can be costly and inconvenient.

Laser back hair removal offers a more permanent solution, though it may take more than one session to get rid of all the hair follicles lying underneath the skin. In fact, men may undergo several laser treatments within a month or two. You may experience some itching, pink skin, and redness in the back immediately following treatment. Because of these side effects, your doctor will tell you that your skin will need some recovery time in between sessions of back hair removal in Storey County.

Laser Facelift
Another major advantage that laser technology has given the medical world is that procedures normally performed surgically can now be done without having to whip out the scalpel. A non surgical face lift, also called photo rejuvenation, involves the use of a carbon dioxide gas laser (or fractional laser) in a skin resurfacing treatment.

For obvious reasons, many individuals prefer non surgical face lifts in Tahoe to their surgical counterparts. Without going under the knife, individuals can get rid of deep wrinkles and sun-damaged skin with a laser facelift. While virtually anything is possible with laser technology, avoid the temptation to have eye wrinkles laser-ed away, as you might end up causing damage to the tiny, sensitive nerve endings in and around the eyes.


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