Proven Tips to Avoid Breast Sagging

A woman’s breast is an asset and a symbol of beauty and femininity. However, often the natural progression of life is callous leading to sagging breasts. It is an inevitable occurrence caused by aging, smoking, pregnancy, and excessive Tips to Avoid Breast Saggingexercise. It is mostly seen in older women, but due to the contemporary lifestyle, increasing number of young women are falling a prey to it. While you cannot battle against the nature, you can prevent excessive and premature breast sagging by incorporating these tips:

1. Wear a proper fitting bra
One of the most common reasons for sagging breasts is an ill-fitted bra. It is very crucial for you to pick a correct size bra, as it keeps the breast in shape and enhances its overall beauty. After wearing the bra, make sure that your breasts are not bouncy. When the straps become lose, either tighten them or replace the brassiere. If you are not aware about your proper bra size, consult a professional and have your size properly measured. Many branded lingerie store provide this service for free.

2. Massage
To keep your curvy bosoms in shape, apply a moisturizer daily. It will keep the skin supple and help your breasts retain its elasticity. Gently massage your breasts in a circular motion from upside down and vice versa.

3. Correct posture
A bad posture can lead to breast sagging. To make your breasts appear firm and lifted, always stand straight with your shoulders pulled backwards, and do not slump when sitting or working.

4. Steady weight
Maintain a stable weight by exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet. Weight fluctuations such as gaining and losing weight regularly can result in stretches on the skin, which can affect the elasticity of the breast.

5. Excessive exercise
Anything in excess is bad, and so is excessive exercise. Cut down on large amounts of workout. Do not jog for extended periods of time and wear a supportive and a comfortable sports bra when engaged in physical activity. The weight of larger breasts can lead to stretching of the skin followed by drooping breasts.

6. Water intake
Drink at-least eight glasses of water every day to keep your body hydrated. Skin with less water content often becomes wrinkled and saggy.
While, sagging breasts can leave you worried and less-confident, remember it is generally healthy and perfect breasts that only need a little support to look beautiful and feel great.


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