How To Drink Vodka?

There are many ways to take in a drink but the culture and people associated with it unseal the spirit that will make it a memorable experience to drink it in. So it is with vodka. How to drink vodka in a way the Russians will label as the most cultured?vodka

Drinking vodka is a culture in itself superceding the ravages of time and ‘foreign invasions’.

Here are a few tips on how to drink vodka:
• Keeping in mind that vodka is a strong drink, you should tune your system to take in the alcohol in the right spirit. So prepare yourself by eating a light meal enriched with cheese or butter. Eggs are also a good choice as the right precedent to stomach alcohol and delay its dousing effect. Even the Russians traditionally go for eggs prior to entreating themselves to vodka.
• Now that everything is set, you should drink vodka from a shot glass, which means to say that you take drink, “in shots” rather than sipping it.
• After every shot of vodka, you take some bites of food. The choice of foods should match well with the vodka flavor and also subdue the effect of the alcohol. Salty and acidic foods such as salted cucumbers and tomatoes will be ideal. Salads in olive oil dressing with a spread of mayonnaise are also a good choice.

How to drink vodka in a mix with other drinks?
• Orange juice : Orange juice is the conventional mix for vodka. Fresh undiluted orange juice is the best and you can get the tangy fruity flavor mixed with the strong flavor of vodka .
• Coke : A bit of fizz for your vodka, coke goes bubbling over with enough spirit to go well with the vodka.
• Iron brew : This fruit-flavored soda in a blend of 32 flavors…do you need anything more diverse than that to drink vodka?
• Pineapple juice : if you pine for the flavor of pineapple then a blend with vodka may be equally attractive, the strong fruit flavor and the strong spirit of vodka may just have you zapped!
• Baileys : Baileys and vodka make an interesting combination compelling you to try for the best .
You now know the best way to drink vodka with the choicest accompaniments.

Now, how to drink vodka and fight the hangover?
• Go for a heavy meal, which is high in salt and acidic as well. This will help to de-stress your digestive system.
• Pickle brine proves to be effective in neutralizing the effects of the alcohol and it is typically Russian to take in large quantities of pickle brine after a vodka drinking session.
• “Beer-ing” comes in handy once again. Post your drinking vodka, you can get up the next morning to have a glass of chilled beer. This will help to fight the dousing effects of the alcohol and also bring back alertness real quick.
The tips on how to drink vodka celebrates a culture traditionally, but at the same time embracing the global diversity, which richly coronates vodka as a world-popular drink.


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