Great Yoga Breathing Exercises For Children

Even young children can benefit from learning simple controlled movements and breathing techniques. An increasing child’s body requires a lot of oxygen to fuel its accelerated metabolism. Yogic breathing exercises designed especially to attract children may help children enhance thei


r breathing control and open powerful new relaxation and reinvigoration techniques.
Here are some yoga breathing exercises for kids that can help them become more conscious of their breathing, learn focus and control, relaxation and good respiratory care, all with a little bit of fun!

Balloon Ride: Visualization can enjoy an important role in yoga, which exercise gives children something they are able to visually identify with: a balloon! To complete this exercise, the kid should imagine himself or herself like a balloon.

Squat down to the ground, but remain on both feet. Exhale just as much air from the lungs as you possibly can. When the lungs are empty, start to draw in new breath. Around the inhalation, slowly rise up just like a balloon filling with air. Upon reaching the standing position, still inhale, raising the arms high over the head. Then, begin to exhale. First lower the arms aside, then begin to return to the initial squat position, like a balloon because it deflates. Repeat this exercise many times. When finished, lie flat on the ground to relax.

Lotus blooming: This being active is good for concluding a yoga session, however it can also be used as a calming or reinvigorating technique. It is definitely mastered by even young children, and can also be done in groups.
Take a seat on the ground in the Lotus position with on the job the knees, palms facing upward and fingers closed in to the palms. Exhale to release the breath in the body. Slowly inhale while opening the fingers to reveal the palms, like a bloom opening on the flower. Return the hands to the original closed position on exhale. Repeat many times to achieve calming, centering or relaxation.

Total, Countdown: This exercise is good for young children. It can be used as a calming technique and may also be used to learn the numbers in one to five. It can also be used to learn symmetrical or non-symmetrical movements.
Take a seat on the ground in the Lotus position with a minumum of one hand on the knees, palms facing upward and fingers closed in to the palm. Eyes can be open or closed. Exhale. On inhale, start to count up from 1, extending one finger around the hand for each new number. When the counter reaches five, contain the breath for a moment. The hand ought to be completely open at this point. Begin the count down and also the exhale at the same time, starting with five. Children can count aloud, but they should be encouraged to count quietly, particularly if this exercise is being done inside a group setting. Close one finger as each number within the countdown is reached. When all fingers are folded into the palm, the countdown and the exhale are complete.

This exercise could be repeated any number of times.
These workouts are both fun and appealing for kids. They’re easy to do and understand – essential for children who have not yet developed the opportunity to follow multi-step instructions. They’re also fun and could be completed just about anywhere. Try the Balloon Ride while waiting in a long line, or do Lotus Blooming or Total, Countdown while stuck in traffic or in order to preschool. They’re a great way to start off your day!


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