Specially Use of Corn Silk for diabetes

Diabetes can be painful and expensive to manage, with glucose meters and supplies to buy and having to prick your finger having a needle every day, often many times a day. There are many ways to treat diabetes, with insulin to be the most well-known treatment. There are also a number of oral medications on the market. However, treating the condition naturally is often cheaper and includes fewer side effects.

Corn Silk Uses:
When summer comes around and fresh corn is within season, most people are accustomed to throwing out the silk–the long, stringy inside of a corn husk–and contemplate it waste. There is more to corn silk, however, than you would think.

Corn silk has been used like a folk remedy for diabetes in China for hundreds of years. Corn silk extract has become used as a treatment for diabetes worldwide and it is no longer just a folk remedy. It’s also known to treat kidney, bladder and prostate problems, in addition to high blood pressure, heart disease, cystitis and edema.

The Science of Corn Silk:
Corn silk extract is composed of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium salts, oils and steroids. How it helps with blood sugar is not entirely understood, however it has been shown to cause marked improvement.

Inside a 2003 study done by Acta Pharm Sinica of hyperglycemic (diabetic) mice, corn silk was orally administered as well as their glucose and hemoglobin A1C (which shows how good diabetes has been controlled on the long period of time) decreased significantly as well as their insulin production improved greatly. A few of the damaged cells in their pancreases were repaired. The outcomes suggest that corn silk may end up being a beneficial food or medicine for individuals suffering from diabetes.

Side Effects:
Corn silk is regarded as a very safe dietary supplement. There aren’t any known, documented side effects when the patient takes the supplement as directed. The right dose varies from person to person according to age, weight, height, health conditions and other medications they take.

Drug Interactions:
Corn silk is really a mild diuretic and because it may cause blood sugar levels to drop, individuals who are taking diabetes medications ought to be especially careful not to let their sugar go lacking.

People who take medication for top blood pressure should also exercise caution, as considerable amounts of corn silk may cause blood pressure to drop too low.

Individuals who take corticosteroids (anti-inflammatory drugs) must be aware that taking corn silk can reduce the body’s potassium too much.

Patients taking blood thinners, for example Coumadin, should note that the combination from the medication and corn silk may lessen the body’s Vitamin K, thus making the blood thinner less efficient.

Forms of Corn Silk:
Corn silk can be bought in pill, liquid supplement and tea form, plus some people simply chew the corn silk itself, that is known to be sweet and flavorful.


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